Guide to Using the Hotel


From 14:00
Although it is not possible to check-in before 14:00, the front desk will mind your luggage for you if you arrive early.


Until 11:00
After check-out, we will mind your luggage at the front desk as required.
Please consult the front desk staff if you wish to extend the use of your room.

Extension of use of room

If you wish to use your room past 11:00, please consult the front desk staff.
Please understand that it may not be possible to comply with your request, depending on the situation regarding reservations. When extending use of the room, Extension Fees apply.
Until 14:00:amount equivalent to 30% of the room charge
Until 17:00:amount equivalent to 50% of the room charge
After 17:00:full room charge (one night's accommodation fee)


Payment is in advance.
Please make payments when you check-in either in cash or by credit card.
If additional charges arise during your stay, please pay these when you check-out.

Accepted credit cards/electronic money

VISA / JCB / DC / UC / UFJ NICOS / AMEX / SASON / J-Debit / China UnionPay / Rakuten Edy


In the case that you need to cancel your reservation, please be sure to follow the procedures prescribed on online reservation websites or contact the hotel directly. Please note that the following cancellation fees apply in accordance with hotel regulations (except in the event that cancellation is unavoidable due to a natural disaster or transportation conditions).
Up to 2 days before date of reservationNo cancellation fee
Day before date of reservation20% of deposit
Day of reservation80% of deposit
No-showFull deposit


Valuable may be kept in a safety box at the front desk.
Please understand that the hotel cannot be held responsible for the loss or theft of valuables that are not kept in the safety box.

Behavior inside the hotel

Yukata (summer kimono) and slippers are provided in guest rooms, but please only wear these in your room and refrain from wearing them in hallways, the Lobby, or the restaurant.

sightseeing information

  • Visit Nara
  • Voicecream

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