Privacy Policy
Hotel OBANA Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "The Hotel") regards handling personnel information necessary for carrying out operations in an appropriate manner and protecting such personal information as a social responsibility and is implementing protective measures in accordance with the following policies.

1. Compliance with laws and ordinances, etc.

The Hotel management and all employees (including temporary staff and part-time employees; hereinafter the same), shall strictly comply with laws and ordinances and other rules and regulations related to the protection of personal information and endeavor to protect personal information.

2. Appropriate handing, usage, and provision

The Hotel uses appropriate methods to handle personal information and uses personal information within the scope of specific objectives that are clearly prescribed in advance. Furthermore, personal information is not shared with a Third Party without the explicit agreement of the person to whom the information belongs and unless legally prescribed conditions have been fulfilled.

3. Safety management

The Hotel takes meticulous care with regard to the management of personal information and takes necessary and appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access to or leakage, destruction, or alteration of information. Furthermore, employees are provided with appropriate education to enhance their knowledge and awareness, and in the event that the handling of personal information is contracted externally, contractors will be screened and supervised as necessary and appropriate.

4. Disclosure, amendment, or discontinuation of use

With regard to personal data possessed by the Hotel, in the event that the person to whom the data belongs requests that the data be disclosed or amended, or its use discontinued, efforts will be made to respond to this request swiftly through the Contact Window provided below. In the event that it is not possible to comply with the request under prescribed laws and ordinances, a written explanation will be provided.

5. Continuous improvement of handling

The Hotel endeavors to continually improve measures related to the protection of personal information. Accordingly, these protection policies may be changed without prior notice.

6. Inquiries regarding personal information

The Contact Window for inquiries to the Hotel with regard to personal information is provided below. Please understand that we may need to confirm your identity in order to respond to your inquiry within the required scope.
1110 Takabatake-cho, Nara City, Nara Prefecture.

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