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About time

What times are Check-in and Check-out?
Check-in is from 14:00 and checkout is until 11:00. For certain accommodation plans or privileges, checkout is extended to 12:00. If you are unsure about your checkout time, please enquire at the front desk.
Does the hotel have a luggage minding service for before check-in/after check-out?
We will mind luggage for guests at the front desk.
Please keep valuables with you or keep them separate from your other belongings when leaving your luggage at the front desk.
Is there a curfew?
The Front Entrance of the hotel is open 24-hours a day.

About facilities

Does the hotel have a car park?
Parking is available for 20 ordinary passenger vehicles (no height limitations). Parking spaces are in various locations, and so the front desk staff will tell you the location of your parking space (Some are adjusent to the hotel, and otheres are within 3 minutes’ walk of the hotel). Free parking is available only to hotel guests using ordinary passenger vehicles and on a first come, first serve basis. Please understand that parking spaces cannot be reserved in advance.
Hotel parking may be used by staying guests from check-in to checkout and for restaurant patrons for the duration of their meal (please do not use the parking space for longer than necessary.) Please understand that if you remove your vehicle from the hotel car park after initially parking there, we cannot guarantee that parking will still be available on your return.
In the case that the number of vehicles exceeds parking capacity, we provide information about nearby parking facilities; please understand, however, that guests are responsible for any parking fees incurred.
Reservations are required for parking for large vehicles (busses), so please contact the hotel in advance. Please note that there is a parking fee (¥3,240 including tax/night) for large vehicles.
Does the hotel provide Wi-Fi access?
Yes, the hotel provides Wi-Fi access.

Wireless LAN (Wi-Fi) access:

Is Internet access available in guest rooms?
Rooms are not equipped with computers, so please bring your own.
All guest rooms have broadband Internet access.
LAN cables can be borrowed from the front desk.
In addition, iPads are available in the 1F Lobby for guests to use freely. Please use these for gathering sightseeing information, etc.

About service

Can I send my luggage to the hotel by delivery service before the date of my stay?
Luggage sent to the hotel will be kept at the front desk. Please refrain from sending your luggage COD (cash on delivery).
On the delivery slip, write the name of the person staying at the hotel and the dates you will be staying. If staying in a group, please also write the name of the group.
Luggage can also be sent from the hotel using the Kuroneko Yamato delivery service.
What are the fees for children?
Preschool age children may sleep in the same bed as their parents free of chare, but children of elementary school age and above require their own bed and therefore their accommodation fees are the same as for adults. Breakfast for children is half-price.
Does the hotel have a laundry service?
If you bring your laundry to the front desk by 8:00, it will be returned to you by the evening of the same day.
Please note that the laundry service is not available on Sundays or public holidays.
Can international telephone calls be made from the hotel?
International telephone calls can be made from guest rooms. Please refer to the room guide from how to dial out for an international call.
What are "Public Bath Tickets"?
The hotel provides tickets for bathing at public baths in Naramachi and other nearby districts. Soak away a day's worth of tiredness in an old-time public bath enveloped in the nostalgic atmosphere of the Showa Era. Please inquire at the front desk for details.

sightseeing information

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