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Front Desk Services

At the Hotel Hotel OBANA, we provide various services for guests' relaxation. Please feel free to enquire at the front desk if you require a service that is not listed here.

Luggage Minding Service

We will mind your luggage for you at the front desk before check-in and after check-out. Please feel free to use this service.

Delivery Acceptance Service

Deliveries are accepted at the front desk on a 24-hour basis. Sending labels and materials are also provided.

Photocopying/Fax-sending Services

Photocopying and fax-sending services are available at the front desk. Charges vary depending on the number of and size of pages. We also provide a convenient plan that includes free photocopying/fax-sending services.

Laundry Service

Laundry submitted before 8:00 will be returned by evening on the same day; laundry submitted after 8:00 will be returned by evening on the following day.
The laundry service is not available on Sundays, public holidays, and Year End-New Year holidays.

Massage Service

Massage services are available between 17:00 and 00:00. Fee: ¥3,500 for 30 minutes
Please pay the massage therapist directly, in cash.

Taxi Booking Service

Please tell the front desk Staff how many taxis you require and for what time.
Booking can also be made for sightseeing taxis and time-rental services.

Wake-up Call Service

Please tell the front desk Staff what time you wish to be woken. You can also set the time for your wake-up call using the telephone in your room.

Newspaper Service

We will deliver the newspaper of your choice to your room.
If you require the morning edition of the following day's paper, please tell the front desk Staff when you check-in or by 21:00 on the previous day.
Moring and evening newspaper editions are also provided in the Lobby for guests to read freely.

Foreign Currency Exchange Service

Foreign currency exchange services are available on a 24-hour basis at the front desk.
Available currencies: US Dollar, Euro, Australian Dollar, Taiwan Dollar, Chinese Yuan, Korean Won
UP to 30,000 yen can be exchanged at one time.

Transport Timetables/Event Information Service

Timetables for major train stations and bus stops and other timetables related to sightseeing spots are available. Please tell the front desk if you require timetables. Information on opening/closing hours for various facilities and events is also available. Please feel free to ask Front Desk Staff about how to get to places or events.

Stamp Sales

Stamps for postal mail are available at the front desk, and postcards are available at the souvenir shop.

Nara Kotsu Bus 1-Day Pass Sales

Various convenient 1-Day passes enabling users to travel freely on busses within Nara City at discounted prices are available at the front desk.
Convenient accommodation plans including transport tickets are also available.

Event Tickets

Tickets for various museums and exhibitions being held in Nara City and nearby areas are available at the front desk. Please check with the front desk staff as to whether or not tickets for the event you wish to visit are available.

Rental Services (charge/free of charge)

Various items are available for borrowing from the front desk, but numbers are limited. If you wish to use an item, please contact the front desk for enquiries and bookings.

Rental Services(charge)

  • Bicycle

    Bicycle Rentals

    Fee: ¥1,000/day (hourly rates are not available)
    For your safety, please use bicycles during daylight hours when visibility is good. (Bicycles cannot be rented at night.)
  • Computer Rentals

    Computer Rentals

    Fee: ¥1,000/day (3 computers are available); Installed with general office software

    Although security measures are in place, please understand that the hotel cannot take responsibility for any problems that arise during computer use.

Loaned free of charge

  • Foot Massage Machine

    Foot Massage Machine

    Foot massage machines can be borrowed for 30 minutes per person. Staff will bring the machine to your room.
  •  Humidifiers/Trouser Press

    Humidifiers/Trouser Press

    These items are provided in the elevator halls on each floor for guests to use freely.
  • Other Electrical Appliances

    Other Electrical Appliances

    Desk Lamps/Irons (Ironing Boards)/Flashlights
  • Items for Use in an Emergency

    Items for Use in an Emergency

    Ice pillows, thermometers, disinfectant, bandages (first-aid kit), general medicines
  • Other Items

    Other Items

    Nail clippers, bottle openers, corkscrews, simple dishes, office supplies (marking pens, glue, adhesive tape, adhesive bond, etc.)
  • Nanoe Ion Steamer

    Nanoe Ion Steamer

    This nano ion steamer provides a beauty treatment while you sleep.
    Choose from two function modes to suit your style of stay.
  • Nanocare Dryer

    Nanocare Dryer

    This hairdryer not only dries quickly, but also improves hair quality, providing a mineral head spa experience.
  • Massage Machine

    Massage Machine

    This portable massage machine can be used anywhere, providing a tapping massage when placed against the shoulder, leg, or other tense area.

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